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Gavin's Photo Album

Daddy's Family

Photo Album
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Daddy's Family
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New Photos 10/23/05
Updated Photos 11/10/05

Here are some of our favorite pictures...

Storytime with Big Oma2.JPG

Gavin N Godi.JPG

Kris with Gavin.JPG

Keith and Gavin.JPG

Eric and Gavin.JPG

Anthony and Gavin.JPG

Greggie and Gavin.JPG

Grandad and Gavin.JPG

Gavin and Oma4.JPG

Oma, Gavin and Bill.JPG

Hedi and Baby.JPG

Jimmy and Gavin.JPG



Annie and Baby 2.JPG


Donna and Gavin.JPG

Big Oma and Baby.JPG

Our Little Superman