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A Little About Me
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My Welcome into the Family:

     On August 19, 2005, Mom and Dad went on like any other day.  Mom got up and made Dad's lunch while, Dad took a shower and got ready.  At 5:40 a.m. Dad left for work and Mom had her breakfast.  At exactly 6:59 a.m. Dad walked into work as his phone rang.  It was Mom informing him that her water had broke and I was on my way.  Dad got back in the car and ventured back home.  He walked through the door at about 8:07 a.m. and Mom's contractions were already only 2 minutes apart.  As Dad tried to hurry Mom along and get her to the hospital, she seemed more concerned about getting ready and gathering what she needed for her stay.  Dad made a few calls to let the family know and told them to spread the news.
     Upon arriving at Christ hospital, Dad dropped Mom off at the front door and proceeded to park the car.  When he came into the lobby and asked where they had taken Mom, he was directed to the wrong section of the hospital.  After getting his bearings and asking for more info he was finally sent to the correct place.
     At the first examination Mom was dialated to 4 cm., I was 90% faced and sitting at -2 ( whatever that stuff means).  Not long after, they were sent to the birthing room, the place where the magic happens.  At Mom's next examination she was at 7 cm. but still -2. I wasn't dropping very fast but everything was going good. Gramma Gawron gave a call and said " I'm on my way".
     Soon Gramma arrived and Mom was in some serious pain.  "No epideral" is all she kept saying.  She had a much harder time with her IV and them taking blood than, she did with the whole delivery.  By 12:30 p.m. Mom had dialated to 9 cm. and I was sitting at +1.  It was almost time.  Dr. Upadyaya arrived and Mom was happy to see her.  The contractions were getting a little rough and Mom was getting ready to get me out of there.
     At 12:50 p.m. we were all ready.  It was time to move.  After lots of hard work and some hard pushing, on Mom's part, I was on my way.  The time was 1:27 p.m., when this fine young specimen was introduced to this wonderful world.  Lots of chaos finally coming to an end.  The doc asked Dad to cut the cord and with a little pressure from Mom "Just cut it" ,the job was done.
     Awaiting the news, Grampa, Godi, Tanti Kristen and Uncle Jimmy were informed of my safe and prompt arrival. Unfortunately, they still had to wait for me to be moved, before they could see me.  Dad and Gramma came back to the birthing room and waited around for Mom and I to get cleaned up and ready to go.
     About 3:30 p.m. we were finally moved to our private room and I could finally get some visitors.  Everyone got to say their hellos and  welcome me into the family.  Later that night, everyone had left, and we all decided to relax and try and get some well deserved sleep.  It was a long and wonderful day.

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