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Hello everyone. First and foremost thank you for visiting our little superman's website, that was lovingly made by Daddy.  I can't begin to tell you all how happy I am that I now have a little boy. As long as I can remember I have always wanted a baby. I always said I wanted a child before I turned 30. Well wishes to come true.
There are so many people that I want to thank for being a special part of Gavin's life. I must first send a big mom's tribute to my own mother, who has been one of the most touched people by Gavin's birth.  I had asked her months before Gavin's birth if she would want to be present and without hesitation she replied "that would be the greatest gift, YES." (We were at lunch at Portillo's, remember?)
I must say I was so happy she could be there supporting me through rough times. She would say "don't thank me, Thank you!"  But for all the world to read, Mom...THANK YOU. This "experience" of motherhood has definately heightened our relationship to new levels, something I am most grateful for. I love you!!!!!


Ok, now there is a whole "family" to thank, and yes we are a whole family now.  My dad who is the proudest grandfather is wonderful with Gavin. I get great joy seeing him holding my son. I have great memories of my grandfather who is now looking down, smiling of course, and I know Gavin will have great memories with you.


My brother, Derrick, who unfortunately doesn't get to see him much because of a crazy work schedule, loves him dearly.


Godi...well first off she has been since day one of hearing about Gavin's arrival gone to great extent to do anything and everything to be a part of his life. From shopping to organizing a beautiful shower to babysitting to just being there to catch any glimpse of Gavin. She is a beautiful girl, woman. We have definately had our moments throughout the years and am thankful that this experience has brought us even closer. I know she will do just about anything for Gavin and be his everything as he gets older. He will be so much in love with her, I just know it.

Kris with Gavin.JPG

Jimmy and Tanti Kristen, part of the crew as well has had a tremendous impact already on Gavin's life. They definately get the job done when it needs to be and are some of the most patient people I know. They are FAMILY, blood or no blood. Thanks guys for all your hard work and all the love you bring to my son.

Jimmy and Gavin.JPG


There is Oma as everyone knows her, but to Gavin she is his Big Oma (great grandmother).  How fitting that Rory was her first grandchild and now his son is her first greatgrandson. She is completely overjoyed to have him in her life. She gets to see him at least twice a week, sometimes more and can't belive she gets to see him so much. He has his own spot at the kitchen table already, which consists of a pillow lovingly sprawled out in the middle of the table which he lays for all to see.  Oma's walls are filled with pictures and knick knacks from Austria which Gavin looks at. I sometimes think that Cody and Opa are telling him stories about everyone as he intently looks at the items. Oma's house is filled with lots of love and Gavin picks up on all of it. Thanks Oma for opening your heart and home to us.


Then there is Oma, although she is not close enough to visit weekly she loves Gavin more than you know.  She is so proud to see her son having a son.  I wish everyone could be close enough to share all the memories with, but when she does get to see him her time is packed full of feedings, stories, kisses, hugs, more kisses and of course kisses. She also gets daily updates and emailed pictures from Godi.

There are lots of Aunts and Uncles, cousins and extended family made up of friends and what not that play a huge part in Gavins life. I will get to all of you soon, but for now I just want to say thanks to all of you. I have not forgotten you if you are not mentioned yet...I have lots of people to thank....Especially Daddy...saving the best for last. Until then, enjoy the site. Love each other becouse we never know what is gonna happen. Love you all!!!!!

Our Little Superman