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These are the people that love me so far.  Wait till the rest of the world gets ahold of me


Mommy & Daddy

     This is my mommy and daddy. The two people that love me the most in this world.  Right now me and my mom are pretty tight. I depend on her for almost everything. She feeds me, changes me, and gives me my baths when I get a little ripe.  Thanks mom, for all of your hard work. I don't know what I would do without you.
     My dad is ok too.  He works during the day and gets to sleep through the night but, he tries to take some of the burden off of mommy while he's around.  I like when dad is home because he's the only one that isn't scared to be a little rough with me.  I need that, I mean, of course I'm only a baby but, I'm a boy for cryin out loud.


Big Oma

This is my Big Oma.  She loves me very much.  We go to visit her at least once a week.  She lives pretty close so me and the P's drop by whenever we're out and about.  I'm her first great grandchild and I'm a boy so, I get spoilled even more. Lucky me.


Gramma & Grampa

     This is Gramma & Grampa Gawron.  Gramma comes to visit me at least once a week. She says "she needs her baby fix".  It always makes me happy to see her.  Lucky for me, she has a lot of work appointments that bring her close to our house. 
      Grampa doesn't get to see me as much as gramma but, when he does, he doesn't like to let me go.  He and I have lots of conversation when we get together and he's really good at keeping me happy.


Godi, Uncle Jimmy, & Tanti Kristen

     This trio has done so many things for my p's and I, even before I arrived.  They did a great job with my baby shower, which I really appreciate.  I got a lot of cool stuff.  When I was born they waited in that stinking waiting room for like 6 hrs. before they even got to see me and then they visited me every day.  My Godi and Tanti Kristen were my first baby sitters.  They came and watched me so my Mommy and Daddy could go out and brag about lil' old me.  They didn't let Uncle Jimmy stay though because he was a little sick and they didn't want me to catch whatever he had.  Thanks for being there guys and thanks for all the help you have given my mom and dad.



     This is my Oma.  She lives kinda far from here so, she doesn't get to see me so often. I think it makes her kind of sad.  I mean I am fricken adorable.  I love her very much and I know she loves me right back. ( just look at the smile on her face when I'm around)



Gramma & Grandad Eddy

This is Gramma & Grandad Eddy.  I think they are pretty excited that I'm here.  Although I'm their third grandchild, I'm close enough for them to come and visit whenever they want.  I'm also their first grandson and gosh am I georgious.


The Harem

     This is the harem.  The harem are the wonderful women of the family on Daddy's side. It includes Oma, Big Oma, Tanti Hedi, and Tanti Annie.  This is a tight knit bundle of love that you have no chance of escaping.  They loved me before I got here and they will love me long after I'm gone.  It is great to have them around.  This much love and attention can't be bad for me can it?

Our Little Superman