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My Resume

Gavin Parker Eddy


I currently live at home with my Mommy and Daddy somewhere in Chicago

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To develop the skills I need for basic survival.


Eating, Growing, Sleeping and Pooping  08/20/05 - present
I have mastered the skills needed to perform the above mentioned tasks

Birth  08/19/05 6:30am - 08/19/05 1:27pm
Struggled down birth canal, for nearly 7 hours before entering this world. I met parents and Gramma Gawron along with medical staff.

Gestated  11/24/04 - 8/19/05
I grew in my mother's uterus until I was fully developed.


I have mastered the arts of crying and spitting up.  I am currently studying to hold my head high and develop my public speaking skills.  Eventually I will learn to crawl, then walk, and use the big potty as well. If all goes well I intend to accompish all of this within the next few years.

Our Little Superman