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Gavin Parker Eddy
August 19 2005
7 lbs. 3 oz.
20 1/2 inches

Well, I have finally arrived.  I am experiencing lots of new things and meeting lots of new people. It was rough getting used to this life on the outside but, things are starting to make a little sense.


     Now that I'm somewhat alert and can see what is happening around me, Mommy and Daddy have been taking me on little expeditions and meeting new people.  So far, I have visited Oma's house, Gramma & Grampa's house, Grandad & Gramma Eddy's house.  I've even been out to lunch with my Aunt Laura twice ( usually I just sleep while I'm there. It's not like they let me eat any of the food there yet.)


    I even got to meet my first best friend Mathew Adam Sojka (born September 14, 2005), who is only about 4 wks. younger than myself.  Man I feel old already.

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     I've met some of Mommy's friends like Aunty Eb and Aunt Mandy ( aka Amanda), and I thought they were both very nice. I see why Mommy loves them. By the way Aunt Mandy, Thanks for putting that little piece about me in your blob. It made me feel pretty darn special.




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